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30 amp Controller stuck on night mode

Hoping I can get some solutions to my issue here. Just installed two Newpowa 200 w panels with a 30 amp controller on my sailboat. Worked well for several days. I then visited the boat for a night and it was working (daytime mode showing during sun up with flashing arrows, one from panels to controller and another from controller to lightbulb). I then decided to leave my refrigerator on to see if my batteries would support it. Nope, when I returned today I found that batteries died. Got Diesel engine started and it charged my starter battery and seemed to be charging my house batteries. However, the Controller is stuck in Night mode (moon). I called Newpowa support and all they were able to deduce from the manual was to make certain connections are tight. They are. I did find one strange thing and that is the negative connector from the panels to controller is not a screw connector but a spring loaded connector. Sorry for the long write up but has anyone experienced this, does anyone have any idea of what could be keeping my controller stuck in Night mode? PS - yes, I did cover the panels, disconnect them and the batteries, then reconnected batteries, u covered panels and reconnected the batteries. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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