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110w panels, when will they be back in stock?

I am looking to install two rows of solar panels on the roof of my 5th wheel RV.  Width varies from 41.5" minimum on right side row to 44.5" on the left side row.  Unobstructed run of 192" on the right, and runs of 76" and 83" on the left.  This means, the runs are 41.5" x 192" (9 panels), 76" x 44.5" (3 panels) and 84" x 44.5" (4 panels).

Looks like the 110W panels mounted sideways (40.52" width) will provide an extra 10% more wattage over the 100W panels for the same length (20.87").

Any plans to restock the 110W panels soon?  Might be best for me to order 9 of them for the right side for the first order to start when that quantity is back in stock.

  • Sorry, looks like I misread the dimensions of the 110W panels, the width appears to be 42.52", which would overhang by an inch on the right side but would work for the left side.  Since each side would have it's own MPPT controller, shouldn't be an issue with having different panels for each side.

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