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How to maintain solar panels and connectors?

(1) Keep the panel surface clear. If there is dust, please clear it timely. Do not clean it with corrosive solutions or wipe with a hard object. Please clear any snow timely. The cleaning frequency is different based on the installation spot. It is recommended to clean it every three months. (Note that the optimal cleaning time is in the morning when the sunlight is not too strong)

(2) Check regularly for any rust on the mounting system, and conduct anti-rust treatment on the paint. 

(3) During usage, the photoelectric parameters and output power of the solar panel should be tested regularly (1 – 2 months)

(4) During usage, the sealing and connectors should be checked regularly (1 – 2 months). If water is found in sealing, change of panel color and connection is loose, maintenance and replacement should be carried out. 

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